(kes' trel)   A small falcon possessing powerful wings adapted for swift flight,
                    known for its unique ability to fly into the wind
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Brand Strategy, Positioning and Visual Identity
Marketing Strategies, Tactics and
Hands-on Support
Sales Strategies, Tactics, Tools & Support
• Informal and formal assessment of
markets, competitors, channels and customers
• Identify key opportunities and challenges
• Energize current brands and product lines
• Develop and launch new brands and products
Campaign concepting and creative
Plans, budgets, metrics
Develop content and produce white papers
and newsletters for digital as well as print distribution
Support for line reviews and retailer sell-in presentations
Support sales staff in developing and implementing a selling rhythm
Maximize potential with existing customers
Increase presence in current channels
Identify and penetrate new channels and customers

Combine a new look with improved messaging to insure you close the sale where brand and consumer meet face-to-face
Implementation through production art


Organize and present products in the most compelling as well as cost-effective fashion
Factor in each retailer's unique merchandising policies and constraints
Retail Presence
AdWords and SEO strategies
Social Media strategies
Email CRM programs including strategy, content development and contact list management
Advertising strategies, negotiation and tracking
Digital Marketing